We have several hundred frames available for you to choose from.  From designer to budget, you always receive help in choosing a frame.  Normally we have the frame you will want right from our inventory.  But what if we don't?  Want to see a frame in a different color?  If we don't have it, we simply order the frame for you to see in any of the colors available.  Want a particular style like one we have but it's not quite right?  We order several frames for you to see wihout any obligation to buy.  Our frame selection process is one on one.  We take the time to fit you properly. 

                          The Frame Room: A large selection in an Intimate Setting


We Now Have Ray-Bans

RayBan mirror aviator.jpg

On site lab

We have an on-site finishing lab.  This means the patient can have their single vision glasses made the day of the eye exam (not a bifocal the same day).  It also means that if the patient uses his or her own frame, which we do not discourage, he or she does not have to give up their frames for a few days.  Instead, you keep your frame and when the lenses come in, you come by and have the lenses ground into your frame while you wait.  

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