Contact Lenses

As a consumer you should know that any doctor can acquire any contact lens.  Sometimes people ask me if I carry a certain brand of contact lens.  Well, no doctor or even the big chains can stock all the contacts available; there are just too many.  But, they all are available.  If you need a specialty lens or a particular brand, then a trial is ordered for you.  No worry. ALL trial contact lenses are FREE.  You do not need a coupon from a magazine to get a free trial.  Trials are useful because although a contact should behave a certain way in theory, in fact on the eye ball, they simply don’t always.  All contact lens fittings begin with trials; the trial can be an existing contact the patient is wearing or lacking that, a new trial is provided.  The trials inventoried at the office are designed to fit most people most of the time.  Some retail establishments fit their patients in their own brands ( which is really standard contacts rebranded ).  They do that so that patients cannot purchase contacts except from them.  I don’t do that.  

We have trials available for 

AcuVue 2

AcuVue Oasys

AcuVue Oasys for Astigmatism

AcuVue Vita

Baush and Lomb Purevision

Baush and Lomb Purevision for Astigmastism

Baush and Lomb Ultra

Baush and Lomb Ultra for Presbyopia (bifocal contacts)

Ciba Air Optics Aqua

Ciba Air Optics with HydraGlyde

Ciba Air Optix Aqua for Astigmatism

Ciba Air Optics Aqua Night and Day

Ciba FreshLook Colours

Ciba AirOptix Multifocal

Cooper ProClear

Cooper ProClear Toric (meaning for astigmatism)

With these trials in place at the practice almost always, contact patients leave with their new trials day one.  Of course, gas permeable contact lenses are available for those prefer them or for those who have irregular corneas and therefore require them.  I also have a keratoconus gas permeable fitting set available for those who have this disease.  

Contact Lens Fitting Fee as low as $35!

Some offices charge the same contact lens fee whether a patient is new to contacts or well established wearer with no problems.  I do not.   Some offices require a contact fitting fee simply to re-order from a still valid contact lens prescription (generally 1 year).  I do not.  Time is money.  If a patient has never worn contacts before, there is an educational process.  Do you want colors?  Do you want to sleep in the contacts?  What are the risks?  If you need a bifocal, what are your options?  What are the pros and cons of one modality to another.  This takes time.  New fits or a new modality take more time and therefore cost more money. 

How to Get the $35 Contact Lens Fee

1) Have an eye exam done at my office.  (I can’t survive with $35 office visits.)  If you have an exam elsewhere, that’s fine but the fee will be higher.

2) If you are new to the office, know what your contact lens prescription is. It’s best to bring in your boxes.  If you don’t then I have to start from scratch with a new trial.

3) Wear them into the office;  you are already wearing your trials which I can evaluate and modify if need be.

4) Don’t have big problems with your current contact prescription (sounds mean but often I have to refit into another brand which translates to an additional office visit).   

How to guarantee that you will Not get the lessor fee?

1) Be wearing old dirty contacts.   To do so can cause the cornea to become inflamed and mildly swollen.  This in turn makes your prescription unstable which translates to addtional office visits.

© Richard Randolph 2012